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Are you mesmerized with Mercedes? Maybe you're a fan of Ford trucks. You may even dream of owning a Bugatti Chiron. 

Although you may not get your hands on all the enticing luxury vehicles, race cars, or monster trucks out there, you can have some serious fun picking from our collections of diecast model cars, trucks, boats, and accessories.

From over the top luxury and speed to an educational Tesla model, you'll find all of our products fit with your collections. At Alpha Mates, we offer impressive life-like models of all your favorite vehicles.

Love high-speed racers? The Bugatti Chiron is known as the highest quality and most expensive production car in the world. Not only that, but Bugatti builds absolute rockets.

The Chiron features a 16 cylinder W configuration 16 piston engine.

Our 1:32 die-cast metal model features pull back-power. This educational model boasts electric lights, opening doors, and hood — And life-like detail both on the interior and exterior.

All of our collections of products are worth a look — Especially if you or someone on your gift list are collectors.

Our remote control cars have all the bells and whistles, including adjustable front wheel alignment, an all independent spring suspension system, realistically detailed interiors, exterior rims, rubber tires, and a glossy exterior paint job.

Not only that, they have working doors, hoods, trunks, headlights, and rear lights.

What's more — If you want to get out on the water, you can check out our remote control boats collection.

As you can see — there are plenty of options included in all of our products, and collections here at

We have something for everyone, from the 4-wheeling mud lovers to high-speed race car diver, and we even have something for those of you who prefer to be on the water.

Not only that — We update our collections regularly, so make sure to check in often.