3D Lamps

Are you looking for a unique lamp that plays into your love for automobiles? Maybe you need a thoughtful gift for a car-loving friend or relative. You'll all enjoy the superior acrylic, which ensures transparency, giving these lamps the illusion of three dimensions.

Even better, the acrylic is resilient and difficult to damage. Better still, these 3D Lamps are easy to install and are perfect for a wide range of uses as a decorative lamp in the bedroom, or a conversation piece in the living room or the office. 

Do you relish the roar of a corvette engine as it races along the highway? Then you might want a spin-off type lamp that's more of a lighted sign featuring the Chevy Corvette logo all lit up bold and beautiful. There are so many eye-catching automobile logos, and a lit-up sign like this would be perfect for a game room, man-cave, or in a pub.

On the other hand, you could be looking for a fun night lamp for one of the kids. You might want to try a Porsche, Chevy, or Dodge 3D Night Lamp. Any cool car will do when it's a 3D model giving the room enough light to feel cozy.

Finally, you could be looking for the perfect conversation piece for your living room or office. These 3D Lamps are both gorgeous for lighting a room and also unusual enough to get people talking. 

In other words, they're not just any old lamp.

No matter your preference of stylish automobiles, we're sure to have a 3D lamp to suit your taste. From LED night lamps to illusion lamps, and LED logo lamp signs, there's something for every autophile.